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Rogelio Fernández Mota was born and raised in the heart of the border: El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, México. He attended Gallaudet University and received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Rogelio also served as the president and vice-president of the Hispanic Student Organization on campus.

He has been a longtime activist involved in social justice with Latinx Deaf Organizations. He is currently an advisory board member of Manos de Tejas that he founded in 2006, a board chair of Communication Service for the Deaf, a board of director of CSD Social Venture Fund, a board of director of Mozzeria, and an ambassador of CapTex Tri.  He also served as an advisory board member of National Interpreter Education Center, a board member of Texas School for Deaf Foundation, World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, and a former president of the national organization Council de Manos.

He is an ambitious leader with over 17 years of professional experience in community relations, outreach, marketing, and sales, mainly in the telecommunications relay industry. Through Rogelio’s consulting company, Manos Communications, he and his wife Dr. Carla García-Fernández have worked closely with Latinx Deaf populations across the United States and overseas.

“Mexicano by birth nationality, US Citizen through naturalization, Latino through sociocultural identity, Chicano through sociopolitical identity, Hispanic by Census count.

Latinx/Latine through social inclusive evolution. Mestizo through colonization, Raza through historical and political determinations, Paisa through community connection and aspiration, Hispanohablante bilingue through language, Latin American through imperial geography, raices indigenas Cora Náayeri Huichol Wixárika grounded in a Mexica cosmology.” – José G González

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